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It’s our mission to create truly sustainable and highly versatile activewear for living embodied.

What is Living Embodied?

Your body was with you for your first breath and will be with you for your last. It’s a relationship that precedes all other relationships. And it’s one that only you can cultivate because it is yours and yours alone. How you relate to your body is how you relate to the world.

A good cry, a big laugh, a sweet hug, a long run, a restful sleep— these are all part of living embodied. Living embodied is the practice of finding home in our bodies, and letting the wisdom of our bodies guide us. It's about listening to the loud and subtle voices inside that want to be heard. IMBŌDHI is a reminder to be present with yourself—a reminder to return home to your body, again and again.


Do What Moves You

Let’s face it, you can’t beat naked when it comes to total freedom and comfort – but IMBŌDHI gets you close.

Tested and ADORED by thousands of body-lovers and movers-and-shakers worldwide, our super-soft bodysuits, jumpers, and separates offer superior flexibility, quality, and comfort.

Did we mention that all of our products are composed of sustainable, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating fabric? That means you can get your hot yoga flow on, dance your butt off, or do whatever moves YOU, and stay confidently cozy while you’re at it.


Comfort Every Day, Every Way

IMBŌDHI is designed for your life -- however you choose live it. Count on comfort that is perfectly suited for both high-intensity movement and lazy-day lounging.

What you get is the perfect, go-to outfit for just about every day. We figure the less time you spend deciding what to wear, the more time you have to do what you really love. Wear less, use less, waste less.


Love Your Mother

Making a positive impact is the driving force behind all we do. Our number one goal is to respect mother Earth and her occupants. And while we know our humble little company can only do so much, we also know small steps can lead to big change. All of our business decisions are guided by this philosophy. That’s why our products are:

  • Minimalist (less is more)
  • Sustainably produced from plants (click here to learn more about the Lenzing fabrics that we use)
  • Packaged and shipped in 100% recycled, recyclable, and reusable materials

We love our planet and are always exploring new ways to tread more lightly and maximize positive impact.

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