I Had to See If This Viral Jumpsuit Lived Up to Its Internet Hype

By Bailey B.

Last Updated: January 2, 2024

As I build a sustainable wardrobe to take me through my 30s, I am still chasing the elusive perfect "do-it-all" outfit. So when the internet collectively lost its mind over the Bōdhi Jumper—which has reportedly sold out 7x times—my curiosity got the best of me. Could this be the one? I had to find out.

It's oh so buttery-soft

You know that feeling when you slip into your comfiest clothes after a long day? Well, picture that, but in a jumpsuit. From the moment I tried it on, Bōdhi Jumper, it just felt different. It's like wrapping yourself in a cloud, minus the whole floating-away issue LOL. But seriously, despite its cloud-like softness, this fabric is perfect for movin' and groovin'. From dancing to yoga, it'll withstand your active lifestyle and offers ultimate comfort along the way. I've been wearing mine for the past 3 days now and never want to take it off


From morning walks to nights out - This jumpsuit really does it all

Remember that feeling when you stare at your closet, overwhelmed by choices? The Bōdhi Jumper takes that stress away. Whether you're running errands, going for a night out, or anything in between, this jumper has your back. Its half compressive and half flowy fit is designed to adapt to your every move, whether you're relaxing, dancing, doing yoga, or simply strolling around town. It's the "do-everything" outfit I've been dreaming of! I love the versatility of this jumpsuit.

Did I mention that you don't need to wear a bra?

That was the biggest selling point for me - No bra required! The chest area offers support without feeling bulky, and the straps strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. For the bustier girlies, this jumpsuit has you covered. This jumpsuit won't dig into your skin. The fitted ankles and loose bottom with pockets add functionality to fashion. It's the little details that make this jumpsuit stand out.


Investment-Worthy Quality

This jumpsuit's minimalist design offers maximalist versatility. IMBŌDHI is women co-owned, made in California, and prioritizes relationships with suppliers and manufacturers committed to fair labor practices, which puts it at a higher price point—and quality level—than your average fast fashion retailer. I’m all about investing in well-made pieces, but the product has to hold up. I put the jumpsuit to the test early on, tossing it into my bag for an impromptu weekend trip while completely forgetting to pack any alternatives. Not only did it survive back-to-back wash cycles while holding its shape (hot tip: opt for cold water), it somehow ended up even softer.

The verdict? Worthy of the hype!

After wearing the Bōdhi Jumper for over a month, it has lived up to the internet hype and then some. It seamlessly blends sustainability, versatility, comfort, and style, making it a wardrobe essential for anyone looking to get away from fast fashion and embrace slow fashion. If you're not sold on this just yet, I added some of the reviews that sold me on IMBŌDHI below 👇


Over 64,000+ Sold

"I could live in this. This is my favorite piece of clothing. When I say this fits PERFECTLY I mean it. The pants go all the way to my ankle. The hips fit just loose enough that they don’t feel compressive or too much like leggings, but tight enough that you can still see my figure and they’re not baggy. The compression adds a little support on my body. I wouldn’t necessarily go for a run in it, but I could do yoga and the girls won’t fall out. This jumpsuit hugs my body in the perfect places in the most comfortable way. I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve already ordered the one with sleeves and I have the shorts jumpsuit in my cart, but I haven’t pulled the trigger because they’re obviously an investment. I will say though that I’ve definitely already gotten my money’s worth on the first jumpsuit. While it is an investment, I think they’re made well with materials that hold up. I also have received at least one if not more compliments every single time I wear it out- which is a lovely bonus :) 11/10 recommend!"

Shannon H.

Verified Buyer

"If you’re on the fence- I’m here to say, it’s worth it! I love this jumper. So comfy and I feel that it truly works for all body types. I am 5’7, 250lbs and I ordered a 2x. The next time I buy, I may size down but overall I’m so pleased! I’ve never felt comfortable not wearing a bra but with this jumper I can go without and feel confident!"

Isabella F.

Verified Buyer

"Wore it for 5 days straight. I LOVE my jumper. I can wear it with a sweater and Ugg boots to look like a mom from Monterey, or I can throw my leather jacket on for a yoga biker vibe. I literally wore it at least for a little while for 5 days in a row because it’s so versatile. Getting more colors now! I’m 6’1’’ and 230 lbs, and I got the 1X. It fits me perfectly."

Lynsie L.

Verified Buyer