Bōdhi Jumper, Oatmeal


The Plant-Based Bōdhi Jumper is the ultra comfy “do everything” sort of go-to outfit. And, the best part about this minimalist outfit is that it’s made from plants. We use a eucalyptus-based fabric to make this sleek onesie wonder. Our plant-based fabrics support your body and our planet.

This half compressive and half flowy fit jumper has been designed to look and feel ideal, no matter what it is you may be doing. Relax, dance, do yoga, walk around town; Do nothing or everything. This jumper was designed to support women in moving however they want + to feel incredible while doing it. 

The Plant-Based Bōdhi Jumper is streamlined, technically designed, and meticulously crafted to feel freeing and ultra-functional. It's easy to slip on and off & perfect to be worn with additional layers. 

Made with a lightweight, breathable, plant-based Tencel fabric. Cut & sewn in San Francisco, California

Fabric Composition

90% Tencel (Eucalyptus Fiber) / 10% Spandex = 100% Your Favorite Onesie

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
such a luxury!

Love the oatmeal! I have 3 of these jumpsuits and I will say the oatmeal seems to fit the "snuggest" of the 3, due to the fabric type. Oatmeal was my first, then black and clay, which fits a little more drapey in the hip area compared to the oatmeal due to the composition of material. That being said it's barely noticable (maybe 1/3rd a size?) and still the most comfortable clothing i've ever purchased. Looking forward to getting a green colorway with sleeves next. Fits true to size. (I'm usually a XS-S and went with S, perfect fit on all 3 jumpies)


Wish that they had stirrup feet on the jumpsuits like they used to back in the day otherwise I can't wait to get mine that will be awesome since I'm in the process of transgender!!!!!!


I never want to take this off! I feel super supported and snug on top and loose & flowy on the bottom! Absolutely love it & will be buying more!!


I purchased this for my daughter and she LOVES it! It’s super comfortable and the fabric is very soft. She’s an XS and it fit true to size. Will be purchasing another in the near future.

Inconsistent Fabric : (

I ordered three different jumpsuits in a mix of colors and styles. They came REALLY quick, even though one was supposed to be on back order. They all fit relatively well with slight differences between them, although nothing that would be noticeable unless trying them on back to back. The MAJOR BUMMER is that they all are made with difference fabrics : ( The first one I tried is SO SOFT, but the second was nothing compared to the first, and the third was somewhere in between. I would have been ok if I had only experienced the least soft fabric (it was still stretchy and fit well) but it's disappointing to know that Imbodhi isn't producing a consistent product. Almost want to try to exchange the items for the same product in hopes of getting a softer jumpsuit as advertised, because otherwise it would be great.

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