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Tara Crop Sweater, Heather Steel


Layer yourself up in the cozy and streamlined Tara Crop Sweater. It has a spacious and loose collar and a curved crop hem. Wear it with your bodysuit, jumper or with some high-waisted leggings. Designed to be the perfect blend of streetwear elegance and body-lovin' comfort.

Pictured here worn with the Astra Bodysuit, Heather Steel. 

Made with a buttery reclaimed midweight fabric. Cut & sewn in San Francisco.

Fabric Composition

Made in San Francisco from reclaimed fabric.

Polyester 87% / Spandex 13% = 100% Your Favorite Crop Sweater

What is Reclaimed Fabric?

It’s leftover fabric. In our case, we were able to get some state-of-the-art activewear fabric here in San Francisco from a large company that overproduced and no longer had a use for. For us, the process of finding fabric is kind of a treasure hunt, looking through bolts of cloth until we find exactly what we need.

The Benefit of Using Reclaimed Fabric

Firstly, using reclaimed fabric diverts perfectly made materials from the waste stream. Secondly, it avoids the energy-intensive production process, as well as the freight from the fabric factory to the cut and sew factory. We are putting mint condition fabric remnants to use all the while conserving energy and maintaining our high-quality standards.

“One woman’s leftovers is another woman's crop sweater”. - Ancient Proverb

Free Shipping and 30-day returns.

Free shipping for US orders over $100.

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