The Bodysuit

The (Reversible) Bodysuit

The IMBODHI Athletic Reversible Bodysuits are designed to fit the contours of every woman's body. They are created with a philosophy aligned with the Earth’s needs. Our recycled polyester/nylon fabric has four way stretch, breathability, light compression and odor resistance. The bodysuit has a built-in shelf bra for added support. The shelf bra has slits for bra cups if you wish to add them. And the best part: one reversible bodysuit = 2 unique styles

These are ideal for any sport requiring elegant minimalist gear such as Acroyoga, Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Aerial Silks, and the Flow Arts. Unlike wearing a top with leggings, our bodysuits are continuous across the body; they are like wearing a second skin.

Eco-Friendly Fabric


When it comes to materials for activewear, polyester/nylon blends are the current industry standard. High quality poly blends allow ample freedom of movement, dry quickly and breathe easy. Our Bodysuits use a recycled poly sourced from recycled water bottles. How? The plastic material is crushed, shredded, then spun into a fiber. From there, it’s interwoven with nylon and made into fabric.

The textile industry is 2nd to Oil and Gas as the most polluting industry in the world. The world of textile production requires a massive shift toward sustainability. The transition is happening, but there is still a long way to go. It is our goal to stay at the forefront of emerging sustainable supply chain and material possibilities.


Our textiles are circular knitted in Long Beach, CA by Texollini, Inc, and threaded in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working with domestic factories allows us to have better oversight for quality control. Less driving, flying and shipping of pieces and parts means a drastically lower carbon footprint than producing offshore. It supports the US economy. And, it allows us to develop meaningful personal relationships with the faces behind our clothing.

Hand Painted Print

Our print designs have been hand painted in watercolor by Nicolette Stellavato in the San Francisco Bay area, then digitized and printed directly onto the fabric. 

Technical design

We felt and tested hundreds of fabrics before choosing to work with Texollini, Inc, our current textile manufacturer. The fabric we chose is literally the highest quality technical fabric we touched. It is incredibly breathable, soft, and strong.  It was a no brainer --- Texollini has been in the game since '89, and is now one of the most advanced knitting mills in America. They are the gold standard for performance gear.

Our patternmaker, Jennifer Loel, specializes in activewear—she has guided us through the process of making sure every stitch enhances functionality.

Size Guide, Astra Bodysuit Original

** This size guide applies only to the following bodysuits: Seren Purple, Castor Black, and Jaida Green.

Size Guide, Bōdhi Jumper & Astra Bodysuit 2.0