Brand Ambassador Program

We want to deeply thank you, and welcome you to the IMBŌDHI [ihm-boe-dee] team. This small guide is designed to give you a snapshot of who we are so that you can fully communicate our ethos to the world.

We, Carolina & Ariel, created IMBŌDHI because we wanted to dive deep into a project that supported our interests of body and movement exploration. We felt called to birth a project that would expand into our immediate community and then the global community; a project that would transform into something greater than us to positively impact all types of people in this world.    

IMBŌDHI is about awakening our potential as embodied beings, and bringing our fullest presence into all that we do. We see embodiment as the practice of feeling fully comfortable, strong, and at peace in one’s unique body. It’s a lifestyle we continuously pursue and an intention we set everyday. Bodysuits are just the beginning. We envision IMBŌDHI solidifying itself as a platform to touch, move, and inspire people to connect deeper to themselves and the world.

It is through you that this project and brand expands beyond all of us. It is through you that IMBŌDHI can be a guiding light in this particularly chaotic moment in human history. So, thank you for your support and thank you for taking positive action. 




(the short & sweet version):




 What we ask of you

We are truly honored to have you as an IMBŌDHI Brand Ambassador. Your chosen lifestyle and physical practices inspire us on our own personal embodiment journeys'. Thank you.

We ask that you share IMBŌDHI’s story, values, and mission by being your creative, embodied, badass self!  Most importantly, we want you to totally love the bodysuit. And, we, Ariel and Carolina, want you to feel connected to us and feel that you can reach out at anytime. So, if you are ever in the SF Bay Area, let us know! We can do a photoshoot and some Acro.

Additionally, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Maintain a minimum of at least 2 sales/month.
  2. Share the coupon code generously (detailed information on coupon code below): Email people who you think would be interested in IMBŌDHI. Post on social media platforms. Wear your bodysuit(s) to yoga and out in the world. Refer people to our website:

  3. Follow us on Instagram @imbodhiwear

  4. Follow us on Facebook:

  5. For all IMBŌDHI related content that you post on Instagram or Facebook, please always tag us: [Instagram] @imbodhiwear, [Facebook] IMBŌDHI Activewear.

  6. Always use both hashtags, #LiveEmbodied and #imbodhi

  7. Send us your beautiful videos/pictures so we can share them!:

    Making Commission

    In your Welcome email, you received your Coupon Code and Referral Link, both of which can be shared. You will make commission on each sale that is made through the use of your Coupon Code and/or Referral link. An ambassador profile is created for you in our software, Refersion, upon enrollment into the Ambassador program. On your personal dashboard, you can track the sales you’ve made each month. Coupon Code Your unique Coupon Code is how we track sales that you’ve generated.  Whenever a customer inputs your unique Coupon Code, they will receive a 10% off discount upon purchase. You will receive between 10% and 20% of revenue (see Commission Structure, below), less shipping and taxes, from each sale made.  Sales that you’ve generated will  be automatically logged in our system. Login to your Refersion dashboard to see a detailed statement of your online traffic and sales through our site.

    Referral Link

    Your Referal Link is different from the Coupon code, in that customers will not receive 10% off of their order. However, if anyone visits the website via your Referral Link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you will receive commision on that sale. We highly recommend shortening the URL. You can shorten it here:


    Buying Personal Bodysuits

    All products from IMBŌDHI are currently available to you at 40% off their online retail price. When purchasing products for personal use, all that is necessary is the entry of your Ambassador Code at checkout. Please, do not share this code with others!

    Getting Commission

    At the end of each month, Brand Ambassadors will receive their accumulated commissions along with a statement displaying sales history. It may take up to two weeks for commissions to be paid.

    Commission Structure

    Your sales are calculated monthly. So, from the moment you are accepted as a brand ambassador, that begins your 30 day commission cycle. At the end of 30 days, your sales will start from $0 again.

    Tier Total Sales, $ Commission %
    1st $1-$1300 10%
    2nd $1300-$2800 15%
    3rd $2800 < 20%


    With sincere gratitude,
          Carolina & Ariel
    Owners, Founders, Lovers & Best friends
    Size Guide
    The IMBŌDHI Bodysuit is meant to feel comfortably compressive on the body,
    in order to allow for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement.
    Our bodysuits run small—specifically in the torso area.
    If you are tall and/or have a long torso, size up.
    You have to wear-in your bodysuit.
    At first, it may feel tight in the shoulder area.
    After wearing your bodysuit a few times, it should fit just right.