Bōdhi Jumper, Royal Blue

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The Bōdhi Jumper is the ultra comfy “do everything” sort of go-to outfit. This half compressive and half flowy fit jumper has been designed to look and feel ideal, no matter what it is you may be doing. Relax, dance, do yoga, walk around town, do nothing, do everything. This jumper, just like our other products, was designed to support women in moving however they want + to feel incredible while doing it.

The Bōdhi Jumper is streamlined, technically designed, and meticulously crafted to feel freeing and ultra functional. It's easy to slip on and off & perfect to be worn with additional layers. Made with ultra-soft, reclaimed fabric. Cut & sewn in San Francisco.



- Spacious, loose-fit technical lux pants

- Compressive ankle cut, so it’s not too flowy for movement

- Compressive double paneled lux top  (comfortably hold everything in).

- Criss-cross back straps

- Tag Free

Fabric Quality

- World-class quality

- Moisture Wicking

- Four-way Stretch  

- Temperature Regulating

- Reclaimed Ultra-Soft Fabric

Fabric Composition

Polyester 58% / Cationic Poly 29% / Lycra 13%

What is reclaimed fabric?

It’s leftover fabric. In our case, we were able to get some state of the art activewear fabric here in San Francisco, from a large company that overproduced and no longer had use for.

The Benefits of Using Reclaimed Fabric

The greatest benefit is diverting fabric from the waste stream. We are putting incredible remnants to use all the while conserving energy and maintaining our high-quality standards.

“One woman’s leftovers is another woman's bodysuit”. - Ancient Proverb

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Super Cute!

I absolutely love my jumper. I am 5'1", busty, and was concerned it'd be too long. It is long in the legs, but it still looks flattering on someone shorter. It's so comfortable and cute at the same time, I can live in it.

Comfy and cute

I've had my eye on this for quite some time and let me say that I am so happy I finally bought this jumper. It is perfectly comfy, while still making me feel beautiful in my own skin. I cannot wait to grab a few more!

I LOVE IT (but the straps can get twisted)

I love this jumper! I wear it all of the time. It's easily my favorite article of clothing. However, that material around the straps keeps getting twisted around and it's hard to do mid-course corrections without completely disrobing. I think I'll have to add a couple stitches myself to hold the material in place.

I also cannot give a 5-star rating without size inclusivity. This product needs to be made available to people of larger sizes, all sizes, if possible.

Imbodhi: Believe the Hype!

I recently received my Royal Blue Bodhi Jumper and I am in utter love with it! It is the cutest, most comfortable piece of athleisure I own. Both fashionable and functional, it is perfect for both my yoga practice and my weekend museum trips. Also, Imbodhi was SO kind & helpful to me when one of my first orders got lost in the mail. They’re amazing!

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