Sleeved Bōdhi Jumper, Nova White

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The Plant-Based Bōdhi Jumper is the ultra comfy “do everything” sort of go-to outfit. And, the best part about this minimalist outfit is that it’s made from plants. We use a beechwood-based fabric to make this sleek onesie wonder. Our plant-based fabrics support your body and our planet.

This half compressive and half flowy fit jumper has been designed to look and feel ideal, no matter what it is you may be doing. Relax, dance, do yoga, walk around town; Do nothing or everything. This jumper was designed to support women in moving however they want + to feel incredible while doing it. 

The Plant-Based Bōdhi Jumper is streamlined, technically designed, and meticulously crafted to feel freeing and ultra-functional. It's easy to slip on and off & perfect to be worn with additional layers. 

Made with a lightweight, breathable, reclaimed plant-based fabric. Cut & sewn in San Francisco, California.

Fabric Composition

90% Tencel (Eucalyptus Fiber) / 10% Lycra = 100% Your Favorite Onesie

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I teach Kundalini yoga and meditation. This is the perfect jumpsuit to teach in. This was my first purchase and definitely not my last. Thank you for making excellent clothing to move in.

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